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I wouldn't run E85 in any engine.

You have to remember, that it has a lot (almost half) smaller energy content, so your fuel consumption would almost double for the same power than using gasoline/petrol. Another thing to consider is fuel injectors/lines/gaskets, all of them probably won't accept 85% ethanol.

Then there's some other, important (atleast for me) things to consider.
It's marketed as a "clean", "ecological", "bio" fuel, which is pure bullshit. If we think the whole manufacturing cycle, producing 1 unit of ethanol consumes energy of ~1.5 units fossil fuel(oil). Nonsense.

In our neighbor Sweden, where E85 is widely used and available, around 80% of their ethanol comes from Brazil. Brazilian ethanol is produced by slavery, robbing, destroying rainforests and raping the nature. I think this kind of activity is morally and socially very incorrect, and should not be accepted or supported in any ways. Producing enough ethanol locally for vehicles is just impossible, even in such very loosely populated, forest-rich countries like in Scandinavia.

Another important thing to consider is exhaust emissions. It's marketed as "green fuel", and if we examine it's burning via traditional methods used for gasoline engines, it is clean. But if we examine it with other methods, and figure out it's exhaust content, you might surprise. Burning alcohols can produce some extremely dangerous neurotoxics and carcinogens. Ecological, clean, bio? Yeah, right.

This is just my opinion about this topic, and wanted to share it. Not mean to preach or frighten, just get ppl to think about this and look for more information. Please stop abusing alcohol in engines, I rather enjoy it myself (in reasonable quantities of course) 8)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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