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We build the heads custom in shop, that's why we just moved into our new building ;)
can't tell all our secrets, we have spent many hr's developing techniques that have been successful.
Not willing to ship the cam? Even if I want, there's no way I can get a head shipped to India lol. It's prohibitively expensive. If you can sell the cam directly, pm me details and a price.

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the colt cams Y8 cam says $375 canadian thats with a core...... are they nuts?

i know who is getting my business ^^^^^^^^^^^
one thing i have heard over and over again that is always true is, "you get what you pay for". now ive never had a delta came to compare my colt cam to, but my colt cam carried torque to 9000rpm in a D series head. maybe even higher if i wanted it to... i never got to try!

"the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices is forgotten"

i guess its time for delta to step their game up, get some of their cams in circulation, and prove what they can do.

hopefully after this big delta group buy we will see what they can do. i for one cant wait because the price of the delta cams is GREAT.

i want it to be clear i am not knocking delta at all. i am just saying the colt cams work really well and are proven. same goes for the bisi cams. and thats why they can charge a premium.

the fact of the matter is colt doesnt need our niche business. he doesnt have enough time in a day to grind cams. he turns away business. i was lucky to get a sponsorship.

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Ok, cool thanks for the info, i'll go with them then, 272 is pretty good duration in itself. i'll upgrade springs and all as well. now know what types to get. Yea i saw the colt site but haven't seen anybody speak of them.
What springs did you get? Delta quoted me $500 for a set of springs to go with the same 272 but there's got to be another way...

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Talk about bringing one back from the dead. Supertech makes good springs. I would stay away from Skunk2 as I have heard they have coil bind issues.
No doubt this thread was dead dead dead. Like 12 years old dead. Best springs out there for the DOHC ZC family of engines are the Rocket Motorsports valve springs available via Bad Guys Worldwide. They're also on sale now, for far less than $500
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