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i think this might be in the wrong

whats up guys....well I'm leaving Florida
the 27th of this month in search of a better
life for me and my family....the economy sucks right now
but here in florida all the driving just makes it worst.
I'm currently spending close to $100 a week just on gas...
and the fact that jobs are getting slower doesn't help.

is any one from the philly area??
my biggest worry is that i know ill have to pass smug..:cussing:
and the fact that i can only imagine how thieves are....any decent
areas??......i always lived in the suburbs so im trying to stay that way
ill be renting an apartment for the next two months until i can
find a good house or apartment....any areas i should look at
that are more like the suburbs?

how is the "honda scene".....:cool:

thanks in advance.

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I about an hour away from philly. I dont think we smog test in PA. Emissions test yes but if your car was made before 96 then its just a visual test which is easy to pass.
ya same here in NY

thats y i could have just straight exaust on my rex last year
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