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Hey guys, made my second event this weekend in the Red River Region. Again, I was co-driving with my friend in her 09 Civic Si sedan in G Stock. This time, our local forum had a little throwdown between the western part of the state and the eastern part (my side), so there were quite a few people out there.

I wound up winning G stock by ~3 seconds RAW time over the next car (also a FA5 Civic Si sedan, but with an illegal rear sway) and took 10th overall in PAX times out of 64 people. The only videos I have were of my first 2 runs, which were a 57.xx(+1) and a 64.xx (left my seatbelt off so I slowed down). Ran two low 55's(both +1) and a final clean run of 51.8...I need better camera men as

It was a blast seeing as right after the jr karts ran, it came a torrential downpour for a short bit, washing away chalk lines leading to the most DNF's I've ever seen, lol.

My runs (2009 Civic Si, K&N Drop-in airfilter, Dunlop Direzza Star Specs 235/40/17 fr, stock Michelin 215/45/17 rr):

Here's my friend Steve who I believe is a member, he's running a D15B obd1 setup in his DX, stock front sway, no rear, DropZone adjustable springs and KYB struts on my Rota's with 205/50/15 Falken RT615's for a best time of 56.xx:

Steve's 17 y/o son do-drove with him, posting a best of 54.xx and taking 3rd against some tough competition in the SMF category, earning a trophy. His first run:

Check out our Youtube account to watch the other people that ran with us that day, all the vids from it are titled with 8-22-10.

None of us are great but we had a blast and plan on going back!
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