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Hey everyone.

I went to the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park this past Monday October 12th to take the car out for what is most likely the last track event for it for the year.

The temperature around here has started to drop to near freezing over night. The first few laps around the track were a little loose because of the cold track not allowing the tires to warm up quickly. But a few hours in, some warmer temps and a lot of cars later, the track began to warm up.

The car is a 1993 Honda Civic del Sol Si with an NA built high compression d16z6, fill suspension and brake upgrades.

This first video is my best lap time on camera of 1:52. I was hoping to break 1:50 but it wasn't to be this time out. These tires are done and in need of replacing.

This second video is of my friend in his 1993 Mazda Miata 1.6L turbo, fully built brakes and suspension. He managed 1:46.

The videos were taken using an iPhone 5S with the Track Addict app. I have GoPro video as well that I need to upload.

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