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I've been lurking here for a while so I decided to show my current Honda project. First Honda I've owned.
Currently in the process of putting a z6 in. Using the original tranny. Motor already had a stage 2 clutch on it.
Motor is in. Been tracking down parts from the locals in the area. Getting the right dizzy took a minute.
Ended up buying a new one from oriellys. I need to retread one of the bolt holes for the engine mount, finish plugging in the rest of the wires from the stock harness then get some connectors and wires to finish the wiring. Reinstall the radiator, and the plumbing, put the battery in , install the axles, and the shifter linkage. I still.need to find some header and make a new exhaust system.
Is it true there might be clearance issues to the oil pan using the stock exhaust manifold and piping. Not worried about the restriction for now. I just need it running. I have a y8 IM I'll put on it later.
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