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90 civic si
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I traded my 92 gsr eg hatch for a 90si turbo single cam.. and let the build commence (plenty of picture furthger into the thread)

traded the shell for an xbox 360 and $200 lol then i traded the 360 and a ps3($300 on craigs) My buddy and i went on a badass roadtrip to get the ps3 then go trade for...

75.5mm vitaras, eagle rods, acl bearings

z6 head with skunk2 springs and s2 retainers.. still need an aftermarket cam and possibly some valves just to be thorough

The new project car 90 si when i got it:

ebay parts soon to be virtually non existent update** i need to get new pics of my engine bay a number of things have changed..and soon the motor will change to the built one

sorry about the glare

Parts that are going into build:
* = installed

*Omnipower 4 bar map
*Neptune ecu Demon
*AEM wideband uego
*obd0->obd1 conversion harness
speedfactory for dynotune
*750cc rc injectors

Head parts
*skunk2 retainers and springs
*Hondata intake thermo gasket
*Skunk2 adj. cam gear
*Bisi 2.4 Turbo camshaft
*some p&p by me
*edelbrock intake manifold
*power enterprise 68mm tb

*Engine block:

Vitara 75.5mm pistons
*eagle rods
*oem headgasket
*Acl bearings

Turbo setup:
*T3/T4 Ebay turbo
*Tial wastegate
*Tial Blow off Valve
Go-Autoworks full Ramhorn with downpipe and dumptube
Back door intercooler with 2.5 inch Charge piping from Go-Autoworks
*oil lines from Go-Autoworks!
*Aluminum Half radiator and slim fan
*3 inch mandrel bent stainless steel to Magnaflow 3in/3out

*KYB AGXs on 2 inch drop neuspeed springs (from Cory Jordan)
*Etd traction bar (from single cam fan)
*Etd radiator mounts to install half rad.
* ebay rear lower control arms
*Revo front and rear camber kit

*Autometer Boost gauge
*Autometer oil pressure mechanical gauge
*AEM wideband uego
*Vision fuel pressure gauge


*Stage 3 SPEC sprung 6 puck (from 96EK Dowork)
Mfactory lsd (From Aquafina)
Stock axles
GearSpeed 4.43 final drive!

plenty of new pics coming soon

let me know what you think

--Suspension Upgrades(pic bushings, asr rear subframe brace and sway bar)
--(If ebay turbo fails)Bullseye 50 trim turbo From Go-Autoworks or gt30r
--Harness from Chasebays cm2
--Chase bays fuel line tuck kit
--Carbon fiber hood, mirrors and hatch.

Completed plans for 2010:
Bought-- manifold, downpipe, dumptube, and backdoor intercooler kit from go-autoworks!
Bought- Rear Disc Brake conversion(need to install)
3 inch exhaust completed and installed

90 civic si
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oh snap. i gotta see the new snail up when it arrives
Definitely man the turbo thats on it now is ebay crap and its blown :( no boost for me:tu:

i also have a few more parts not up yet.. tial waste gate, greddy bov, act clutch i will add pics here soon.. Parts on the way etd traction bar from Single cam fan and garrett 54 trim turbo from Drumritter

krychek57 there is a meet lol?

and the car has a little rust and a dent on the driver side rear quarter all things to take car of little ways down the road

90 civic si
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What did it make as in power
the current setup was allegedly 268whp on 10psi but i never saw a dyno and i have no reason to believe the guy

i cant make the meet on saturday i am working till 2.. its really lame

90 civic si
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268 @ 10spi? sounds extremely inflated to me.

i like the SI hatch, should be a fun little project
yeah i definitely agree

parts needed to get the new setup in my car

act streetlite flywheel
cometic headgasket
3 bar map
larger injectors leaning toward some 880cc injectors i want to leave the resistor box
$$ for tune

90 civic si
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Parts ordered:

zex 59300
cometic headgasket,
walbro fuel pump,
12 pound flywheel,
ebay downpipe,
omnipower 3 bar map,
conversion harness obd0-obd1

Ordering in the next couple days:
Obx lsd
solid motor mounts
hondata intake manifold gasket
and injectors
and probably a couple other things

to do list:
Powder coat valve cover black and powder coat edelbrock im White

90 civic si
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act clutch yummy

etd traction bar, havent taken pictures of after install but i will get some up soon

i cant remember all the people i got these parts from but feel free to pm or post that i got it from you

90 civic si
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i love my act clutch! what stage is that one? i run the stg1.
stage 3 :tank:


picked up kyb agx w/ neuspeed springs from cory jordan should be shipped today..

waiting on parts in the mail and if you didnt see above there are a lot:yes:
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