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hey guys thought I'd start an anime thread! What are your top 5 Animes, and why? Looking to watch some new series' and stuff in between the episodes of the spring season animes :D

My top 5 are:

1. Monogatari Series - Why: The character development is really good, probably one of the best IMO. It's something that made me change my way of thinking a little bit about people and myself. It's a real personal reason why it's my favorite.

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Why: One of the first animes that got me into anime in the first place. It was so weird, I didn't fully understand what was going on a lot of the times. Shinjis reactions to everything is just so real, it's what any other 14 year old boy would do. It's a pyscological type of anime and in the series it shows how fucked up they really are in the head and the shit they go through has also effected me mentally. (End of Evangelion fucked me up man)

3. Gurren Lagann - Why: The whole movie is just epic, that is all :D

4. Steins;gate - Why: Overall, just this whole thing had me hooked from the first episode. Storyline, fucking top notch. Characters, top notch. EVERYTHING, fucking top notch. I watched the whole series in one day. It's honestly one of the best animes out there.

5. Code Geass - Why: This had me on an emotional roller coaster. Oh man, the ending is something I will NEVER forget. It made me cry so much, like it is so unbelievable. This anime is a must watch.

One anime that i'm watching right now has a potential to be one of my favorites its called No Game No Life its on episode 8 and its getting so much better!!

Oh, and my least favorite anime is Mirai Nikki, obsolutely HORRBLE ending and the whole series had something that was missing. I can't tell what it was. I have spoken to many people who agree on the series. That Yandere is hot as balls, but the company that did the series screwed up BIG time
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