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Already NOT thrilled with this forum.

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Hello All,

I am a new user and already experiencing problems with this forum in the most simple tasks!

Hope you all are doing better, but as for now I am THOROUGHLY NOT IMPRESSED!

There will ne no need for me to stick around here for more than a few days the way things are going.

Cheer to all anyway.

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You mean it took you a day or so to get used to.

Anything new is never off the bat intuitive.

We've been through the transition of this site from old format to new format. If something critical wasnt working, we'd likely have found it by now and escalated to admins.

Also, the fact that you're still chill after some light flaming makes you ok in my book. Welcome to the forum.

How tf did you pull this gem out of your back pocket so quickly/on point lmao.

Your google-fu is impressive sir!
easy, I just google the newb's username. With the AG/VS attacks that started before the forum switched from vB, it was a way to weed out the spambot accounts.

I must be doing something right, I just turned down a promotion.

Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely
for the same reasons as before.
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My favorite is still the flooded foot wells that have been to 20 some shops and ran up 7k in repairs... 3 mins and I bill $200 to clear the blocked condensation drain... and usually get a hug too
Shit, that blast of air is free with oil changes. Just don't blast the air too hard and blow the line off the box so the water now drains into the footwell.
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