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Already NOT thrilled with this forum.

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Hello All,

I am a new user and already experiencing problems with this forum in the most simple tasks!

Hope you all are doing better, but as for now I am THOROUGHLY NOT IMPRESSED!

There will ne no need for me to stick around here for more than a few days the way things are going.

Cheer to all anyway.

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2 posts deep and says to heck with
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This thread though!

To OP: You'll find that this is a tight knit group. Transzex is generally a grumpy ol man, but he knows just about everything there is to know about a D series manual transmission. And other stuff too. His was an initiation post of sorts.

But you will also find that we all try to help each other on here, once the flaming is sorted lol.

We are interested in seeing your cars, and seeing what your plans are for them, and if we can, to help out if needed. Several of us on here have met up and gone to H-Day together, been racing together, been to Classic Hondas on the Dragon together, all sorts of shenanigans. So if it seems like we ganged up, it wasn't out of malice, just because we are all friends.
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