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Already NOT thrilled with this forum.

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Hello All,

I am a new user and already experiencing problems with this forum in the most simple tasks!

Hope you all are doing better, but as for now I am THOROUGHLY NOT IMPRESSED!

There will ne no need for me to stick around here for more than a few days the way things are going.

Cheer to all anyway.

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Amusing, but not into boners.

Just into Civics...
Thank you for a constructive post PostWarArt!

As far as the others, I have no problem with your hazing or bad language. Keep going. Can we make it the longest thread on this site? That's a challenge!


Indeed, it seems that some of the basic functionality was not available right of the bat. Now things seem smooth.

I was just thinking it was a poorly designed site, but it turns out it was mostly that it took about a day for things to work.

I don't have the same problems anymore.

By the way, this is my first Civic (94 LX 4Dr manual) and I have already found myself overrevving it.

I had a 84 Prelude (alas an automatic) and a 97 Accord Vtec Coupe manual, way back when, both of which I enjoyed greatly.

Again, thanks for those who chose to be helpful!

Yeah, I want the original Ghostbusters with it too! Want an address to send it to?

No one's trying to impress you lol

Sounds like Karen's experiencing operator error.

You'll find other Karen's to bitch with over here:

Not trying to be impressed nor use this as chat.

Just trying to get things done and dunked!
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I am NOT a Cali fan unfortunately! Are you?

If it's your thing you can come make some blue movies here with your friend TRanzsex. He was the first with the quick stiff reply to my post.
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Thank you for your thoughtful reply drtalon123.

A few things probably needed to percolate as far as functionality. Obviously I was able to post.

I was trying to message someone on the "For Sale" board and it kept telling me I did not do the do the CAPTCHA functionality correctly.

Only it did not show any CAPTCHA or any pop-up window even after I took my U-Block origin off.

That is working today just fine.
What the hell am I reading?
Just the usual newbie hazing ritual...
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easy, I just google the newb's username. With the AG/VS attacks that started before the forum switched from vB, it was a way to weed out the spambot accounts.

I must be doing something right, I just turned down a promotion.

for the same reasons as before.
No problem, not taking it as malice.

Some flaming is expected...

😅 Not sure if...

In any case. Pics of your car, or this is all for nil.
No time for pics right now, but it's really a beater with faded paint and cigarette burns on the seat. Some sun scorching of door panels etc.

Mechanically it seems to be allright other than not passing Commieformia smog. Said to be low 58k miles, but that could be just stories.

Came from the Berkley Calif after a salvage due to stolen cat. The trunk contains a wheelchair for some reason, but I haven't found the body that goes with it. If that guy sends me the Ghostbuster ambulance I will donate them the wheelchair.

The dealer that supposedly fixed it put the wrong Walker aftermarket cat. Smog is fine at 15 MPH but not at 25 MPH. The smog guy says it runs lean... Just trying to be able to drive on the street and only worry about how much the speeding ticket will be...
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Bye Felicia.
Why do you Feel Like Chia? Need some watering? I've got the right stuff for you...

Just kidding.

That's my kinda car 😃 get a picture of that smog report, and a spark plug up when you can.

Managed to get a picture of the smog.

Hope to get a spark plug out soon!


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my job requires us to install starter kill devices in company vehicles. we installed one a few months back and during the time it was with us, the batteries to the truck died. it would crank with a jump box....anyway, the company diagnosed the dead batteries and sent the truck back to ford under warranty. it sat at ford for at least a month, and ford billed 60hrs and 5k in repairs....even flew in a ford engineer because they couldnt get the truck to crank. after 60 man hours, they cut out the starter wire we used, re-soldered their factory plug back on and got it to start.

first day back at the company, we go out there to explain to the 7 people in charge what our device does and that it wouldnt kill power to the whole truck. we reinstalled the starter kill and gave very detailed instructions if it happens again....even told them to call us if they still couldnt figure it out. gave them a demonstration of the unit working.

fast forward to yesterday, they cant get the truck to crank, cut our shit out and called us to have us remove them from all of their vehicles. we get there, and I asked "before you cut it out, when you went to start the truck, did it make any noises?"
-yes, it went click click click click
"so, the starter kill was doing its job, did you reset the box like we showed you?"

these are master ase techs at this company and ford.......

cant fix stoopid

thank you for attending my ted talk
Well, it looks loke they need intense Pavlovian reflex type training.

Since they can't think, they need to act automatically like low-level organisms that do not use a brain...

Well, it looks loke they need intense Pavlovian reflex type training.

Since they can't think, they need to act automatically like low-level organisms that do not use a brain...
That was "looks like" not "looks loke"...

Let's start a thread as to what I might have meant if that was intended...

"Looks loke" means: ...
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I have been thinking of this reply for a while, but did not have time to look for it. Enjoy!

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