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Alpine CVA-1004 6.5” LCD

Well its been quite a while of testing for this product and it has been doing great. When I started shopping for some ice for the Honda I was just going to go with another pioneer radio like I had before but saw the lcd panels in stores and wanted to do something different. It was on sale at the time and the only thing I regret is I didn’t install it. I would have liked to done the work myself. As for the LCD display is great, the motorized mechanism works good even after this time and bumpy roads, etc. I also purchased a dvd’s to go dvd player and a Alpine CHA-S634 CD/MP3 Changer. The only fault so far with the entire system is that the remote is optional. I also think the night driving is odd because even though its programmed to change color from blue to grey at night it seems like it has a mind of its own.

Still overall if I had to do it over again I would because I just simply love having it in the car. When it comes time for the SAAB to get a better setup I will be looking into alpine products. I do plan on getting an IPOD and the Alpine KCA-420i so I can control my IPOD from my remote.

Features List:
The CVA-1004 utilizes a motorized wide-screen 6.5" monitor which can connect an Alpine DVD Power NAV, a DVD changer or player, a CD/MP3 changer, even a TV tuner, and control them all. With the best image quality and brightest LCD panel in its class, the CVA-1004 is a great value. The CVA-1004 is compatible with the Sirius Connect SIR-ALP1 Satellite Radio Tuner.

Key Features:
• 6.5" Widescreen Fully Motorized Display
• Maximum Output Power: 45 Watts x 4
• CEA-2006 Power Rating: 16W x 4 ([email protected] 1% THD+N), S/N 80dBA (Ref: 1W into 4ohm)
• CD-Text and MP3 ID3 Tag Information Display
• Quick Search (File Access System)
• iPersonalize®: Bass Engine® (Subwoofer Level, Bass Center Frequency and Width Control, Treble Center
• Frequency Control)
• PreOuts: (1) Front/Non-Fading (Selectable)
• 1 Auxiliary AV Input
• Navigation Input
• Optional KCE-104V Expansion Module (2-AV Inputs/2-AV Outputs, 3-Preouts (4Volts))
• Ai-NET System Control (Processor/Changer)
• Wireless Remote Control Ready
• SAT Ready (Sirius Satellite Radio Ready)

Average Retail: 800.00 (now)

[Admins]Hope this is a alright review.

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I love my cva-1005 that I have in my accord. The only problems that I have had with it is that the screen sometimes has trouble folding back out. you have to hold the button to get it to fold out correctly. I love alpine stuff. I have alpine decks in both of my cars. good stuff Noel.
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