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I finally sorted my tdo4l out last night, what i thought was a bent shaft turned out to be a misalligned seized centre section which resulted in the fins contacting the walls of the exhaust housing! Anyway, finally got everything sorted, new ali intercooler, turbo clocked and all nearly all parts ready to assemble. just a few questions before i can start;

1. Are RX7 460cc injectors as good as dsm 450's?
2. i need an adapter to connect the TT 38mm oil feed kit to my M10 oil feed on the turbo but cant find one in the uk, where do you guys buy your adapters?
3. I also need to tap the oil pan but cant find a 3/8th npt weldable female nipple anywhere??
4. Will a T25 compressor wheel fit and make a noticeable improvement?
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