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Thanks everybody

civic is running great, for a d15b7....

thanks every one for the help on my many problem threads!!!

i had a over heating problem, i replaced thrmostat, radiator cap, over flow resevoir lid and

down hose... water pump and wired fan up to run all the time.

has not over heated or put antifreeze in the engine compartment for 2 weeks.
no lost fluid, stays full now.

idle problem solved... it was the fast idle thingy on the bottom of the throttle body. bought used TB from ebay, and canibalized it, cause it had a different map sensor location.

crank keyway fixed with loctite 660 fix , and under drive pulley installed.

new plugs just because... the car is running as well as it has in the 6 weeks i have had it.

i am happy!

the hard-parker
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congrats man! glad the site could help you out!
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