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AKMEE Engineering's EG2 del Sol in Hot Version American Touge 3

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Happy Holidays Everyone. I just got off the Japanese video Hot Version video shoot for American Touge 3 at Horse Thief Mile in Willow Springs. My daily driver/track beater was tested by Keiichi "Drift King" Tsichiya and received high praises from him. So I guess I do know a thing or two about tuning and driving perhaps.

Interestingly, my car received an unofficial score (because I was an exhibition car) of 95 from Tsichiya san. That is 2nd only to Prototype Racing's K20A Eaton M62 supercharged Lotus Elise. It also scored better than the 996 Turbo from JIC. Every single car on the list was super charged. My car has the smallest displacement at 1.6 liter and it is naturally aspirated. I tuned the car to 192 whp (dynojet 248c) on saturday on 91 octane pump gas. Tsuchiya raised his eye brows when I told him, yes you can rev it to 9800 rpm. B16A are torqueless wonders. All the hp comes from the high rpm.

More photos at the gallery:
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badass! 192 is pretty damn good :TU:

that chick in the second picture... :thehump:
hey frank!
i heard DNR did real well with your motor! good stuff! my hero! :)
Thats pretty damn tight man, good job, very lucky to, repin the milano sol.
That my friend is sick good whens that dvd coming out American Touge is definately a good watch.
mmmm 9800 rpm i like. sounds like ya got a nicely built car there.
badass! 192 is pretty damn good :TU:

that chick in the second picture... :thehump:
Kazumi Kondo, she is a racequeen for JGTC and Dori Dori's personal touge servant

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That's incredible! Keiichi is my favourite driver on this planet.
Having him drive your car, and then get praised about how you built it, must be truely fantastic!
Amazing! I've seen both 1 & 2, and 3 will definitly also be on the list when it is released.
awesome getting your car in a DVD. Thats real special having those guys drive your car around. good job!
Kazumi Kondo, she is a racequeen for JGTC and Dori Dori's personal touge servant

:TU: :TU: :TU:
del sol love

nice brakes :)
track whore!!!!!

HHOG love, frank
congrats man! and specifics you dont mind sharing about the car? lol
congrats frank.. thats awesome !!!
Hey Frank, you get it running yet????
Hey! I *thought* I remembered you being a member here!

I just read this over on clubroadster last night! :lol:
there is no AKMEE STICKER on the car ??????
There was not enough time to get stickers. I had some help from several companies to make it to the event on such short notice. I'm doing the write up for it... it'll detail everything on how I accomplished my goals this time. Late night dyno @ DNR to 4 in the morning, last minute alignment, corner balance, weight reduction... I did so much stuff in just days... the original plans was to sticker whore out the car with big AKMEE logo, and also all the sponsors - DNR, RCREW, FASTBRAKES, HASPORT, OMNIPOWER, HEELTOE, TOYO... etc. But it's okay, we did the most important thing and that was to make it to AT3 and get Dori-dori-kun to drive it. The car will continue to get few more mods done... mainly Full-Race turbo set with GT28RS setup probably from Garrett West coast distributor ATP. I already made committment to my sponsors to be in the two time attacks in Feb. and March. So sit back and relax. there's a lot more to come!
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