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Hey everyone,

I'm currently building an all motor D16z6 summary of parts are as follows:

1. NPR PM6 pistons (ceramic coated tops, moly coated skirts, converted to full floating design)
2. Manley Rods
3. King bearings
4. OEM head gasket
5. Acl oil pump
6. ARP head studs
7. Ported & polished head
7. Crower stage 2 camshaft
8. BC valve springs
9. BC retainers
10.BC intake valves (0.5mm oversized)
11. BC exhaust valves (STD)
12. Edelbrock header
13. Pacesetter 2.25 exhaust
14. B16 throttle body

So just a little background I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and I purchased most of the parts listed a few years back for my then turbocharged ej1 project (which I sold approximately 2 years ago).

I recently purchased a eg4 with the intention of doing a b16b swap. However I realized I had all these parts and they don't sell well here in T&T so I decided to build an Na setup with the parts I have.

I need some advice with regards to the intake system I currently have a GE in my possession I have scoured the Honda tech as well as this forum and saw very few persons reviewing the GE manifold on all motor d16. There was one guy T Mack I believe who stated " the Str (GE) intake owns on high comp builds"

I'll be running approximately 11:1 comp any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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