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Advice for turbo D for autocross build

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DSO has always been the place for knowledgeable, accurate discussion about things like this, so here it is. I’m exploring taking my EF hatch to the next level for autocross, and I need some help figuring out how to do it. It’s currently in STS (few drivetrain mods, many suspension allowances, 200TW street tires), and the next step up is SMF, which allows basically any drivetrain, race tires, and aero. My question is about the drivetrain.

I really want to stick with the D16, as I think it can make plenty of power, and it should be easier (and probably cheaper) than any swaps. I’ve looked through this site for ideas, but it seems the builds like this are several years old, so the info is likely outdated. My goals are pretty straightforward:
-High compression to help with spool and bottom end grunt (something like 11:1 or more)
-Nice, flat torque curve that starts low and holds for most of the rev range
-Looking for at least 225whp and 200lb/ft

What components should I be looking for? I admit that I know relatively little about turbo terminology regarding what will get me what I want, but I’m hoping that’s what this topic can be about. I have a spare D16A6 that I planned to build for this, so I just need to figure out what internals I need and then nail down turbo specifics.

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snotrocket by DILYSIDave Hardy
Oh, yes, I’ve been all over that one. The downside is that was over 10 years ago, so I’m not sure if the equipment he used is still my best option. Maybe I can contact Dave and see what he can offer. Thanks for making sure I had looked into that car.

And I’ll be getting in touch with you about the trans, too. 👍
they shredded a 3.722 FD I installed in his trans. I heard the car is still competeing.
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I heard the car is still competeing.
Legend has it...

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Y'all remember junkyard wars? Miss that show lol.
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