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Adjusting Fuel Pressure without a guage...

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Just wondering if it was possible to adjust the fuel pressure with an AEM FPR without having the added gauge. I need to get one of these for my build asap as i want to get it in over christmas..

Any help would be appreciated here as i need to order it sometime now!

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of course, you just won't know what psi your at.
of course, you just won't know what psi your at.

Hmm, if i had re read what i wrote. i should of expected that answer!

That was what i was getting at, would i know what its at... but obviously not.

Id only be looking to bump it up 4 or 5 psi, which i have been recommeneded for starting my new engine up.

I guess ill have to try and find a gauge to get aswell..... :(
Just get a gauge...there is no way at all to figure out what pressure you are adjusting it to...
You could raise it all the way on cold start to cause it to bog, if it even bogs, then lower it until it stops bogging..... then raise it up a little and raise the idle so it doesn't stall.

Yeah, I'm just guessing so...............
If you only looking for 4-5psi wont the stock regulator do that w/ the vacuum hoses off?
that's true, but it goes up anyway when you give the car gas. It's in "how to tune and modifiy engine management systems" I forgot exactly why it does it, but it has to do with the vac. to the FPR's reference, that's why it has a vac. line to the manifold. If you have a fuel pressure gauge, rev the car up at the throttle body and you can see the pressure increase.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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