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1996 Civic DX
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I bought an ACT clutch back in the beginning of June since I am in the process of boosting my D16. My block is going to stay stock but I wanted a little room for growth so I decided on the HC5-SPG6 clutch from ACT. It's able to handle 250 ft/lbs of torque but it probably won't see anything close to that for a while. Lastly, I decided on resurfacing my OEM flywheel instead of buying an aftermarket one.

The installation went fairly well. ACT included the installation tool along with appropriate grease for the install. I bought the kit so the pressure plate came with the clutch disk. Everything looked to be quality parts and I was satisfied with what I received.

Once I started driving the car on the new clutch there was quite a bit of chatter. It felt like the whole car was going to fall apart & there was a lot of rumbling getting into first gear and also in reverse. They recommended a 500 mile break-in period and I've put about 500 city miles on the car since then. Over time the chatter has really decreased and the shifting is smoother.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the clutch kit. I've always read that ACT sells quality parts and that's been my experience. The clutch grabs significantly stronger than the OEM one and I think it'll hold boost just fine.


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