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ACT Clutch and Apexi N1 Turbo Muffler

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Ok people. I have a brand new Apexi N1 Turbo muffler. SOLD
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I also have a brand new ACT XXtreme clutch kit for a 94-01 Acura Integra. I'm looking to get $350 shipped for this. That's WAY less than what I paid for it, but I don't need it and maybe someone on here does.

It has the Maxx Xtreme Pressure Plate, 6 Pad Xtreme Race Disc, Alignment Tool, and Pilot and Release Bearing.

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i wouldnt mind to pick up that tip, but i dont have the cash for that. are you looking for anytrades?
Umm. That would depend on what you have. :D Just let me know!
up up and away!
I have been looking for an Apexi Muffler for awhile. Thats so tempting.... Can you give more dimensions besides the inlet and outlet? like the length and diameter and such?
Thinking about that clutch kit....let me see about my monies. I hate trying to build two cars at once!!
that n1 is HUGE, i have one for my setup.
The N1 is 24 inches from the tip of the inlet to the tip of the...tip.

And Christina, that exact clutch is on sale for $440 at ProStreetOnline right now. So it's 90 bucks off of the sale price! :TU: Let me know.;)
bump for an awesome muffler :TU:. I have one on my ej, sounds and looks great :)
Would you do $150 shipped or is that too low?
You have a pm! :D
bump to a great guy
Thanks man!
Bow chicka wow wow
Yay for page one!
Page one..
dude i wish you were selling that tip for like 85 bucks. i need it so bad....
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