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Hi guys , its been quite a few years since iv had a honda , im a dad now and it takes alotvof my time ad money , iv had a performace car and or bike since i was 16 butthey had to go when fatherhood came knocking.well i have the itch to build up another fun car and with my budget i cant think of a better bag for the buck platform than a civic..
Im on the hunt for a clean 96-00 hatch .iv had 2 ek hatches in the past both boosted and both were so much fun.both d16 boosted and i want another .this goal is for a street strip build my goal is a squeeky clean daily driver (parked in winter) that can runs low 12s maybe high 11s.i plan on the usual weight reduction stuff.some lightweight wheels , coilovers ,rods and pistons , upgrade brakes , as far as looks i want it fairly stockish looking maybea lip ,hood spacers for poor mans cowl hood ,.
Im going to keep my eyes out for a deal on a used turbo kit but ideally il save for a go autoworks kit .im hoping to find most of my parts , wheels , etc used to save money.
So ya .sorry for the novel guys , i guess im just excited about having something to work on spend garage time with.iam going to be making a youtube channel and recording the whole process , mine is going to be differemt as i have a 5 year old daughter who is going ti be my helper ( im blessed as she truly loves cars and working on them.she can undo bolts , grab tools , ses actually done a complete spark plug change .
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