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my car:
2000 Civic EX Manual ( D16Y8 )

i have several questions. since my questions fall into different topics, i decided to post here and make a single topic. i hope i haven't angered any mods.

1) i recently bought a new (NOT used) GReddy Turbo Kit for my car (TD40H-15G). i'm waiting for it to arrive, however i want to properly set up everything in my car, so i probably wont have it installed anytime soon, until i collect all the neccessary parts i need to properly turbo my car.

i plan on porting or porting & polishing the SOHC head. what's the difference (in terms of HP gains or whatever) in just popping in an SOHC head that's only been ported vs one that has been both ported & polished??

2) Would i be okay if i buy a stage 2 Crower camshaft (63441YT) with either a ported or a ported & polished head? Would there be any clearance issues with this stage 2 camshaft?? How about a stage 1 Crower camshaft??? i have an AEM cam gear just laying around, so i want to upgrade to the camshaft while i'm at it. i don't plan on boosting past 9 PSI anytime soon. i might just stick with factory PSI setting (at 7 PSI) for a while??

3) i can reuse the stock rods/pistons, etc... with either a ported or a ported & polished head right? since i'm not planning on boosting past 9 PSI anytime soon.

4) this question is non-tech. i plan on replacing the worn out carpet in my car. i prefer a stock carpet look and feel. where can i buy a stock OEM carpet replacement? i've seen some molded carpet for sale online too, but how does a molded carpet compare to a stock OEM one??
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