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A d series build because California

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I'm building a z6 because I bought my hatch with a b16 swap. Although it was fun while it lasted I never planned on keeping the b16 in it due to emissions testing crap. Had the head been a year newer I might have been able to bar it and just leave it alone but as things work out it's a 91 head in a 93 chassis.

So on to the disassembly. Removing the flywheel and crank pulley with only a breaker bar.

Locking the flywheel in place to remove the crank pulley bolt.

Done and timing cover removed. Will need a new one.

Locking the flywheel in place to remove the flywheel bolts.


Opening it up

Girdle removed, you can still see the oem paint on the bearings.

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nice half 1-2 fork you have...
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I have broken a 1-2 shifter fork pulling into the driveway...
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