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Hi All, just joined the forum because I need some help with my Civic and most of it in the engine area. I live in the United Kingdom and my car is a USDM Civic EJ6 Coupe, in what is known here as "sport" trim. This trim is likely to have come from the importer/dealer so for American readers I guess you could call it a DX. Someone crashed into me nearly 2 years ago and the car was written off. I could not find another one anywhere so I've used my compensation to sort the body out. I just have a few questions about the engine if I may?

It's a D16Y7 with the Hondamatic 4 speed (I know but if you paid what we did for fuel!!) and to be honest it runs great. I've always done the oil changes and filter on time and used Mobil1 New Life 0w40 oil all the time I've had the car. It does not use any oil and runs smoothly with good power and economy.

Now it has been sitting so long though there are a few problems I need help with. Firstly the idle is now lumpy unless A/C is engaged. I have used fresh fuel each time and injector cleaner. The plugs are new but the cables are original. No ECU light on or error codes. Just seems to go to stall then recovers in a repeats in a cycle.

Second, and the main issue is the timing belt. It's overdue by approx 9 years and 40,000 miles!!? I just want to get it changed now especially as it may have perished while sitting idle. I have three basic options which are to change it myself take it to a small garage, or have a Honda dealer perform the work.

I have never done a timing belt before and don't know if I have the skills to do it and taking it to Honda dealer is expensive. I trust my local mechanic who are very cheap but will the fact that the d16 runs counter clockwise cause then any problems, for example, are they likely to get everything wrong and possibly destroy the engine as it's probably unlikely that they will have seen anything set up like that before?

While that is being done the timing can obviously the adjusted and I'm aware that it can be changed to be more or less aggressive with a mechanical adjustment. Given that this car is a USDM import was it designed to run on poor quality fuel?

There is a sticker on the fuel filler flap which advises to use premium fuel it looks like United States sticker. From what I understand us premium fuel is 93 octane. Here in the UK it is 98/99 so can the timing be advanced safety without knock occuring?

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First, remove and clean the IACV

Second, timing belt is one of the easiest things to do, but if you mess up the change it can be quite costly. Still, find or download a Honda service manual and follow the instructions. Should only take you 2-4 hours for your first time. Replace the water pump and tensioner while you are in there.

I don't really know if there is much to gain by adjusting the cam timing with a stock cam, but you could certainly play around with it if you have access to a dyno and have a tuneable ECU and adjustable cam gear.

US 93 and UK 98/99 are likely the same octane.
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