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ok first off I'm really digging this site. There seems to be a LOT of help and advice givin here and I really like how it seems like everyone is willing to back up each other too! Kinda gives a man goose bumps:):) lol

Ok first off I have been fighting an on going battle with my car like you would not beleive!!

Here's how it started. I was driving my car down the road on day about a month ago and the car suddenly just died..... Luckily I was able to coast it into my driveway where I tried starting it a few times and all it would do was crank. I popped the hood and started looking for any reason as to what is wrong with it. I noticed my dizzy cap was cracked down the back. (At this time I had a MSD cap and external coil) I ordered a new msd cap and waited a week for it to come in. Once it finally came in I was thinkng "ok cool, throw this in and I'md riving again" Yea wrong!!

I also had a VAFC in my car at the time too and following the advice of many Honda "gurus" I took out my vafc and traded it for a stock p28 and a conversion harness. And the msd stuff I traded for a stock ignitor for my dizzy

The car after installing the new parts fired right up... but it reved really high and rev up and down and if you tried to give it gas would almost always die.

I then traded a password jdm front tow hook and my stock p28 to a buddy for his chipped p28 and he burned me a chip with all the knowledge of what's doen to my car. Installed this ecu and the car fired right up! Nice and smooth and everything!!! I'm thinking the nightmare's FINALLY over... But that was till I turned the car off. I turn the key again and once flippin' again the car just cranks and cranks!!!

So this is where I am right now..... The only thing I've found since then is I'm getting a quick one flash spark when I check to see if I'm getting any spark at all.... I took off my dizzy cap and everything appears to be fine on the inside. The only thing that's not there is the blue wire that snaps on the end of the ignitor (Tach wire I'm told)

And as for a check engine light it just stays on...But it just stayed on when the car ran fine too cause after turning it off and before firing it back up I jumped the check engine pins and got nothing out of it.

I have the virgin p28 here with me as well and I tried putting it back into the car and again the car just cranks and cranks....

I even installed the stock ecu thinking it would run but just like shit with the 310's and it wont even fire.

With all that said here's what's doen to my car

J.R. supercharger
310 injectors
aem fuel regulator
255 walborrow
msd plug wires
stock ignitor and coil
the car was once a auto but converted to 5 speed (if that matters)

I'm begging you guys... please help me with this. I've been on a couple other forums looking for help and advice and I really think they are getting mad at me cause of all the help I'm being asked...

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-i would guess you checked your fuses, under dash and under hood
may want to check your distributor wiring, make sure the wires arnt broke somewhere between dist and ecu, also check the connectors for the wiring harness make sure all are tight and make good connections...

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