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Hi guys this its my turbo build from Venezuela i been collecting the parts for two years, hoping always get it right the first time

Par list at the moment

d16z6 ported head by me
cp pistons 9:1
ealge rods
clevite bearings (main,rods,)
oem headgasket
arp headstuds
CC stage 4 clutch
Oem s20 d16z6 transmission
all oem honda seals and gasket
gsc power division valve seals
oem camshaft
ngk bkr7 spark plugs
ngk blue wires
3row size radiator mizu silicone hoses
Gates timing kit

turbo parts:
turbonetics 50 trim .63ar
turbosmart 38mm gastegate
turbosmart megasonic bov
cxracing intercooler kit
vibrant turbo oil hoses
2.5" turbo downpipe
3" complete exhaust
omnipower 3 bar map
siemens deka 880cc injectors

Misc parts:
eibach prokit suspension (with shocks)
wideband aem
autometer oil press and boost
knock gauge
walbro 255
neptune rtp with bluetooth module

Some pics:

The car:

Turbonetics 50 trim (I keep thinking about change this turbo for 57 trim)

Turbosmart bov and wg

Cp pistons 9:1

I be updating, any help or comments they are highly appreciated

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Nice start, I have a turbo 99 ex sedan also. I like my turbosmart wastegate and I'm curious how that bov sounds, what kind of power are you going for?
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