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this is the easyist(<--that word looks wrong) thing to do. ask why would you want to do it because in my opion its looks better and it nice and its something to do. lol here what u need
99-00 hood
99-00 fenders
99-00 front bumber
99-00 head lights

first take all of the 96-98 parts hood bumber fenders lights
2. Put on 99-00 hood fits right in. keep hood proped up all the way.
3. put on fenders
4. put on lights
5. put on front bumber
6. hookup lights (putthem back into the headlights the bulbs that is)
7. close the hood and everything should be good
8. on my car the left side of the hood goes over the headlight. cuz its not ligned up all the way. to lazy to fix it .ya done boom

i forgot a big part in this you need to cut your bumber (99-00) on the edges where it bolts up to the frame. if you do not cut it there then it will not fit at all
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