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stuff u need
1.a new intake or make your own
2. flat head screw driver
3. Razor or box cutter
4.hammer or wrench

1.unclip all of the clips where the air filter is
2.remove the peice that comes off(all the way off ) rip that shit out
3 remove the big box next to the headlight on the right side of the car using a wrench. or just get a hamer and the srew driver and break off the top pecies so u can remove it.
4. take out the air filter
5. remove the sensors (save the rubber peice) this is what i did... grab the whole peice that covers the intake mani and shimmy it back and forth untill it comes off.
7.cut that hose that is connected to the pecie you took off the intake mani.
8. cut the peice that is connected to the valve cover.

1. put on the plastic part connected to the intake on the intake mani with the screw clamps on it but alittle lose.
2. screw up the bottom scew clap.
3.install the air flilter
4.screw up the air filter tight
5.connect the silacone hose from the intake to the valve cover.
6.install the mass air sensor in the hole in the intake(glad u saved the rubber peice)
7. check all connections that they are tight
8.start ya car. you got like 3 more pones
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