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95 honda civic
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Sold my 95 ej1 and bought a 95 dc2.
I sanded the the hood and trunk because it was the worst part of the car.

Its a 95 integra gsr with 160k+ miles.
I swap the suspension from my civic over because the car had cheap DNA shock with cheap coilover spring. Oh and the coilover springs were cut, it was terrible. Poor car. I did a full tune up, ngk spark plugs, ngk wire, new cat converter, ntk o2 sensor, blox tps, new tb gasket,new k&n filter. The car pass smog legally:). One downside is it has a ls transmission gear box.:no:

What it need.
New bushing all around including shift linkage bushing.
Brake pads and rotors.
New muffler, i dont like the one it has.
shift booth, does not have one

Yes that is my 2003 Srt-4 in the back.


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