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95 Del Sol build

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Ive been kicking around the idea of building a thread for awhile. I didnt want to at first but the more I look around it makes me want to make it since Ive learned alot from this place I mines well give back. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If your unsure of somthing go ahead and post, not to long ago I didnt have a clue about most of this stuff.

Big shout out to my pops for support and pushing me to keep going.

As it stands today. Give me some time to get there Ive got alot of pics to upload. The build started aug 2011.

Spare block build up
wiesco pistons 8.5 compression 75.5mm
eagle rods
arp studs
cleivate bearings

jdm d15b vtec motor
Skunk2 throttle body (68mm)
Skunk2 intake manifold (bored to 68mm)
Persision 440cc injectors 12 ohm
NGK spark plug wires
xspower exhaust manifold
garrett gt2860rs .64 exh housing
hks bov
3" downpipe down to 2 1/2
tanabe medallion concept g cat back
mishimoto intercooler 28x7x3.5 (22psi 300 hp)
HKS bov intercooler pipin
255 walbro fuel pump
exedy stage 1 clutch and 11 lbs flywheel
Golden Eagle vac manifold
yonaka 2" radiator
ectune ecu engine management system
hondata 4bar map sensor
Mfactory LSD
Homemade catch can

Suspension and braks
maxxim knight 15 rims with toyo proxes 4 tires
eibach Pro-System Plus Kit (springs struts dampers bump stops).

eibach front [26mm] and rear [17mm] sway bar
blox sway bar mount kit and end links
Skunk2 strut bar (front)
ebc slotted rotters
prolyurathaine bushing kit

jdm style front lip
JDMish rear tail lights
boost gauge
egt gauge
oil pressure gauge
thriple gauge slots for driver side pilar
power inverter
apexi turbo timer

Old 4 door civic thing was rusted to hell but it served its purpuse

D15B swaped motor in the civic

First day I bought the sol

Front lip installed

New Rims/tires installed not the best. I should have looked more but there alright

Tanabe Exhaust I dont know why they set these up like they do. Its loud part throttle and then when I get up in the upper RPM range it shuts right up.

I got the Eibach kit with roll bars, springs, and struts.

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Kinda rice tails best ones I can find without the yellow.

Tail lights installed.

Swapping the d15b to the sol since i only had about 10k miles on it since i bought it with "40k" they said but who knows.

Transmission wire harness so I could remeber where things go.

More connections

Exedy stage 1 clutch and 11 lbs flywheel installed

Springs and Struts installed

Valve cover painted
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d15b installed

Front Drop

Cutting the rear stut off the rear lca.
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All installed they still need to settle

New GT2854R turbo dam ebay products with there wrong advertising.

Another Pic

Trying to size things up

New slotted and drilled rotors but they didnt drill through them for some reason.
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Turbo parts

Parts layout

Better view

New Gauge clutser installed with Boost, Oil pressure, and EGT temp.

Front intercooler

New manifold attached to the gt2854r

Front strut bar with new LCA's for the rear sway.

Time to do work to get boostin.
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Holes drilled in the front bumber support to hold the intercooler in place.

BOV installed with the upper piping.

Removed oil pan to get bung welded in.

Intercooler all installed.

Headers removed.

Intake mani removed.
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Comparing size between the injectors to drill out the gasket for the intake manifold.

Trying to compare the size diffrence.

All drilled out.
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Skunk2 IM all set for the injectors.

Trying to figure out how much I need to take off of the IM

Gasket on to mark area needed for removal.

All drilled out not the best but it deffinitly works.

Making sure the oil feed line fits.
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Running the boost line and water line.

Close up of the water line.

Random Pic

Turbo installed trying to get the intake on it. Dam me being a noob I had to take out the a/c cause I couldnt figure out how to adjust the turbo. There's a snap ring that you can only get to by taken the exhaust housing off.

Getting closer to running.

Now how the F#ck am I gonna get this to work.

Another pic trying to figure it out.

Relocated the oil pressure switch and sensor so it wont put to much stress on the block.
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Getting ready for the IM to go back on.

All back together.

Alittle better shot.

Fuel pump

All setup

Ready to go back in.

All back together.

Skunk2 throttle body installed. The car started up but since it relocated the map sensor to the bottom I put that clip on the TPS sensor and the TPS clip on the MAP sensor. Thing ran all messed up.
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Got the piping all done. I know its super long but its fixed now.

Strut bar installed.

Removed cruise control and tucked some driver side wires.

Downpipe shot need to get someone to connect em.

The exhaust and you can see the front sway installed

Local exhaust shop took care of it they didnt have a mandrel bender it could be better then it is but it seems ok for now.
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I dk what happened to the hyperlink thing for the vids but please let me know the code so I can fix the vids. Thanks.

test drive before going to the dyno.

AFR's and HP on the dyno.

Final Pull on 10psi

Here is a better shot of it.

Dyno VID

0-80 vid is shitty I gotta get a better one.
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Tucked some of the wires and fliped the battery around. Dam thumb in the way.

Rear sway installed and skunk2 lca's

Painted the Intake mani and the fuel rail. Better shot of the somewhat tuck

New shift boot with red stiching I got the one for the ebrake to.

New bolt boys kit. You can kinda see the wrap on the downpipe I aslo got the poly bushing for the trans mount and repainted it. I didnt have the right size oil restrictor on the turbo so it started blowing some oil. I upgraded to the GT28RS garrett one to reach 300hp.

Bolt kit I also put that crappy looking bracket on the raditor so it doesnt hit the dp.

Better shot of some things painted and trying to clean up some rust.
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Trying to take a decent shot dam sum


One more!! That dam injector wont flip I dont remember y atm though.

Late xmass present to me :D

Alright time to get confused again:
Dropped the trans to put in the LSD

Opened it up
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nice build man i have thoes same rotors ebc thats their style i guess not to drill all the way
Spare one

I put it together and put it in. I only had 3rd, 4th, 5th and reverse. Suxs having to put it back in just to take it right back out FML.

Shift fork

All better.

Spare case stripped.

LSD back in.

Testing out the LSD. Looks pretty good I spun em through second and let off at the end.
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Just sitting there

Amazin how some wax made the paint look good

New Air Filter.
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Homemade catchcan I made at home depot for 20 bucks.

All Painted

Installed in the car.

Getting ready to tuck some wires.

All extended

All ready to be installed.

Im waiting for some better tools before I do the other side. My hand hurt like hell after crimping all the wires.
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Dammit I was running the car like 10 miles from the house shifted from 2nd to 3rd and I felt a huge loss of power. something messed up in the trans.

U can see the missing bearings in there. I dont know why they dont sell sealed bearings for this. These were honda diff bearings. I bought 2 from mfactory after this and there the same dam thing even though they said they were sealed. Still dont know why it broke I changed the oil after a tank.

Got real lucky everything looks good.

The damage. Diff is fine though

Case is fine as well.

Gotta love habor frieght 100 buks the boom is kinda short but works.

The original rotors wore out real quick. I think its cause I had the brake line ran behind the shock instead of infront of it so the brakes werent releasing properly. They replaced them for nothing so cant complain there. New bushings installed in the front LCA. What a diff these things made.
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Spare z6 motor getting ready to be rebuilt.

Found alittle spider sitting in there.

Crank removed everything looks good in there.

Put it back together with everything loose so I dont loose anything. I dropped it off at the shop today. He said its gonna be 2-3 weeks before I get it back.

Here is the specs for the block. I wanted to do it myself but its to much money if I do something wrong. So the extra money will be worth my peace of mind. I was gonna go with the Viatara's but I seen 2 people break rings at that time with mostly the same specs and they thought it was the cast. Another chance I didnt want to take.

top ring .019
middle ring .021
bottom ring 0.020
piston to wall should be .003 or .002

valve releifs de burred

Decked .002

bored .5 mm over

notched for the rods to clear so they dont bind against the block



tighten the rod cap down to 43ft/lbs and the mains to 33ft/lbs

Deck the head .002
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nice build man i have thoes same rotors ebc thats their style i guess not to drill all the way
Thanks man. One of these days ill get around to drilling them out. It wont cool them off so its really pointless to have them dimpled like that.
Hit a bag somewhere thing stinks and wont come off

Checking the spark plugs they look pretty good.

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