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Spark plugs out, and like transzex said, likely sticky rings.

Take the oil cap, if it is a small one, pour 3 caps into each spark plug hole. This will temporarily help seal the ring gap, and hopefully let you get it fired up. Gotta be kinda quick the oil will drip down. SO have the plugs ready to be put back in within 5-10 minutes.

Check for spark, or just say fuck it, and grab a new cap and rotor.

Find the main relay on a manual or literally in the car, key the car on and listen for it clicking. If no click, you wont have fuel pump.

EDIT when you get it running, do not rev the snot out of it. Let it idle for a solid 30 minutes. During this, feel the coolant hoses, make sure the thermostat actually opens up. the handle of a screwdriver or a socket extension can be used to bonk the housing if needed to make it open.

Then change the oil. Drive it fairly gently the first 100-200 miles of its new refreshed life. Let those rings clean up, let fresh oil impregnate the engine, and change the filter out for a 2001 Honda S2000 big canister style filter for capacity.
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