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Hey all. Just spent 1600$ on a 93' EG hatch. Body in decent condition, interior is a mess, 200k+ on chassis about 40k on rebuild. Runs and drives just fine.

The good: Uhh, runs and drives.

The cons: #1 Rear hatch door sits above where it should meaning that lights are not flush with the lights on the body (specifically the driver side)

#2 The Hatch glass seal is blown in a couple spots, or its the fact that the glass doesnt sit right because of Con #1 (seems like the glass isnt able to sit flat along hatch door, unlike my buddies ek?)

#3 I have a blown Shift bushing (bitch rod?) I put it into 1st gear and it looks as if the shifter is sitting in neutral and the shifter has WAYYYYYYYY too much play. Something isnt right.

#4 have Fast and Furious underglow. Found this out from removing the plastics and realize there was a wire running through it. They had cut and splice each wire in order to "hide the wires". they drilled holes into the floor and the connecter was too big to fit obviously lol. Thats a lot of work for some neon.

#5 Auto dash in a 5 speed :bs:

#6 I didnt run a carfax looks like it may have some frame damage in the front on driver side. Didnt notice it when i bought it. Same with the rear but on the passenger. Which this may be why con #2 exists.


Itll be a fun little project/daily. Ill have new suspension within the next 2 weeks - month hopefully and it needs tires.

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