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This weekend I had a chance to take out my '93 del Sol Si for the first time this season since the build project was completed.

This spring/summer saw an auto to manual swap, Quaife LSD, Exedy Pro Kit clutch, Competition Clutch 11.4lbs flywheel, Skunk2 Pro-S V2 coil-overs with 10k front and 8k rear, front Skunk2 Pro Series camber adjusters, Buddy Club extended ball joints, rear BWR subframe brace, BEAKS 22mm ITR rear sway bar, Skunk2 Black Series LCA's, front re-drilled 11.1" Prelude SR-V rotors, ITR calipers, ITR 1" master cylinder, Hawk HP+ front pads, Hawk HPS rear pads, Russell stainless steel brake lines, front camber is set to -2.5* and rear to -1.0* with rear slight toe-in running Yokohama Advan Neova AD08's (starting to wear out). Engine is a stock d16z6 with a short-ram intake and K&N.

First event was the PITL (Welcome To the PITL Web Site) event nearby in Brampton, Ontario. It's a smaller track since it's in the parking lot of a GO station (commuter train) making it more technical than fast. I was a little cautious on the first run since this was first time taking the del Sol out for an autocross event. Car felt good. Brakes were firm without any fade, speed out of corners felt great. I can really feel the LSD do it's job coming out of corners. Completed another three runs then had to leave before I could get my last two done. For the first day it felt good.

Today was the Trillium-BMW Club (BMW Club of Canada, Trillium Chapter |) autocross at the Powerade Centre in Brampton, Ontario. Much larger parking lot. Course designers did a great job of creating a fast and technical track including a triple figure 8 (with triple gate) and a 180* cone. This is where I really got to see what the car can do. Between the triple figure 8, the 180* turn, long sweeping left and right handers, and a healthy mix of tighter turns and slaloms, I could really feel how nimble the car was.

If I pointed it into the right direction, it would go. The back end rotated beautifully around the larger sweeping turns and I could point the nose right where I wanted it going into the next gate or turn. With the suspension upgrades and relatively short wheelbase, it felt like driving a go-cart. The brakes were perfect. They never faded and very quickly slowed the car down. I just need to learn how to brake firmly without locking up the wheels which happened a few times (no ABS).

Compared to my previous '96 Civic Si (EX Coupe) with stock suspension and open differential, this was a whole new experience. The LSD made the most significant difference I believe.

My best run for the day was 1:24.16 which for only the second time out was great when compared with some of the other cars given the power disadvantage and unfamiliarity with the car.

In all, I'm EXTREMELY exited to get the car out for as many autocross days as possible this summer. There are a few time attack events coming up, including a driver's school in August I plan on attending. I'd like to see what the del Sol can do around a much larger track at higher speeds.

Sorry guys, no pics at the moment but I will be getting a video of the first PITL run emailed to me soon as well as pics on the club websites. I hope to have the links up shortly.
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