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92 Hatch

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aight ya'll i got a eg hatch, it's got a lot of problems though. good for someone who knows what they are doing. anyway, i'm going to let it go for $800.

Engine is weak 200,000 miles
body has some rust areas
who ever had it before had a dog/cat (a lot of hair on the back of the back seat/trunk)
no radio
dent in the passenger side fender
busted passenger mirror

i started working on the car right before i left england, but got caught up in moving and didn't have the time or money to really get it where i want it...
the only thing that i did get to do was put in an EDM instrument cluster. other than that nothing. just want to get rid of the car really, but i kinda could use the money right now, if it doesn't sell i'll keep it and work it up.

anyone interested?

pics coming by the end of the week
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where is the car located at?

why wont the brakes work? calipers...cylinder...etc..
Damnit. Couldn't have posted this like 4 months earlier....:(

Wish I still had cash to get it from you. BUMP for help.
location helps a lot...

as well as pics :neutral:
or even a reply would help
how bad's the rust? pics? anything?
location helps a lot...

as well as pics :neutral:
or even a reply would help
location - Tuscaloosa AL
FIRM? - hell yeah, i said i wanted to get rid f it, not give it away
why no brakes? my wife literally drove it till they just shit out, needs pads cailpers, hardware kit for the front brakes , (just came from england, my wife never washed it/ a lot of salt on the road) master cylnder cracked.
and again, pics by the end of the week, mabye tomorrow. thanks for the bump mods
Any additional details like the model? D16/D15? Auto or manual? Etc?
well I guess since nothing is coming... pic wise I'm bump and hope for some pics.
TSK TSK this thread is going no where without pics (FUK IT) Bump
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