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92 honda civic si
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hey everyone im new to the site i have a 92 eg hatch that is boosted or was ebay turbo went out but this is my set up as of now

d15b7 bottom end
d15 jdm v tec head
low compression pistions unknown assuming virtaras
msd blaster and other msd stuff also unknown
and ebay turbo and bov and wastgate

this set up was all done by previous owner and was great till the turbo give out
the blades look like my dog was chewing on them

sense i purchased the car i have replaced the the following
1. oil drain because it was leaking and jb welded to oil pan
installed new -10 drain from ebay
2.installed new ebay turbo that lasted 20 minutes learned my lesson on ebay turbos after ignoring info i already knew from this site.
3 installed ebay headers that i had fixed bc it placed turbo to low not allowing proper drain. also had supports welding in to prevent the welds from breaking which is what happened to the old headers.
4. removed pvc and set up went with a catch can setup.

i also got a d16z6 block and head that im planing on bulding once i get a turbo working on the set up i have now

i recently purchased a used t3 garrett 42 a/r i think dont rember off the top of my head, it is water cooled and has some shaft play but show no signs of blade contact with houseing not sure if i should install or get it rebuilt also dont know the pontintal of the turbo

Im hoping to one day have my setup pushing 300 to 400 hp as every day dd also hoping to keep some mpg on high way and still have the hp on the weekend

this is my setup and plans for the future so far all comments and suggestions are welcome
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