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The car in question is a 91 CRX HF with a ZC swap. I have the correct dizzy(td43u) and a chipped obd1 ECU. I have the obd0 - obd1 jumper harness. Since I have the harness can I go by the obd0 pinout from this thread even though it says vtec?

There are 5 shielded wires. 2 wires to the crank angle sensor, 2 wires to the cylinder position sensor and 1 wire to the 02 sensor. The previous owner of the car butchered the wiring. I am wondering if it is required to have the shielding go to the ground wire pictured or even grounded at all??

Another question, the car has Glow Shift AFR gauge and 4 wire O2 sensor, do I need a 1 wire 02 sensor?

Any help is appreciated!

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