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'91 Civic Si LeMons Racer

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Back at the end of 2011, I got hooked on racing in the LeMons series.

At the time, my team had a '96 Miata that we couldn't seem to keep an engine in. 3 races, 3 engines.

The last race the Miata participated in was a full 24 hour race at ECR in Decatur, TX. I had acquired a free Si shell from a friend and through a couple of Miracle we had a two car effort at the team's first full 24 race.

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You gonna be at Barber in February?
Barber is one of the tracks I'd love to drive, and I think the Tape-R would do well there.

Wasn't planning on it, but I'd consider it.
Yeah Barber is like a magical wonderland for race cars. Like Disney Land but with way more grip. Hell, it's nice to just go there without the intent of racing. I'll be out there in this in February for the LeMons event.
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Holy shit, are you Disco Dave?
Nah, I'm a local friend of his. How do you know him? LeMons?
I just know of him, we're friends on FB and I met him through the LeMons Racer Lounge:
Dave's not here man.
Dave's not here.
121 - 128 of 128 Posts
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