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'91 Civic Si LeMons Racer

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Back at the end of 2011, I got hooked on racing in the LeMons series.

At the time, my team had a '96 Miata that we couldn't seem to keep an engine in. 3 races, 3 engines.

The last race the Miata participated in was a full 24 hour race at ECR in Decatur, TX. I had acquired a free Si shell from a friend and through a couple of Miracle we had a two car effort at the team's first full 24 race.

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Are you allowed trans gearing changes, LSDs, etc in your class?
Yeah, could probably play around with the gears some, but the Si trans is actually pretty well suited already.

It has a cheap OBX LSD in it right now.
Final piece of the engine puzzle arrived today. Thanks UnderDPressure!

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No prob man..cant wait to see this thing moving
Looking forward to more stories/pics from this year's escapades.
New clutch disc from Action Clutch.

Those guys are pretty cool!
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Looking for 2-3 A&D (Arrive&Drive) for WRL @ TWS

This will be one of the LAST races at Texas World Speedway in Waco, TX before it turns into a housing addition...

May 29-31

Will be racing the Spints and Endurance races on Saturday and Sunday.

Each driver will get one of the sprint races to themselves, and two 2 hour stints during the endurance races.

Car is a '91 Civic Si, nicknamed the Tape-R.

It will be a GP3/GP2 car depending on the strength of the newly assembled engine. 1900lb/120-130hp

This is a very well setup car that has raced many LeMons (2 24 hour races) and it's first WRL race last September.

It is an easy car to drive competitively.

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested.
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are you looking for a driver or are you selling?
Looking for A&D drivers for the upcoming race.
get to the sandbox to ask for interested drivers!
Where the racers hang out

Or should I say cool kids
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Road Race AutoX.

I'm not really cool enough for that crowd.
I'm not either beave
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better S/N ratio than here, even better if you stay out of the PP :)
I don't think I have access to that part of the forum. :(
Not on part of this forum...
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