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'91 Civic Si LeMons Racer

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Back at the end of 2011, I got hooked on racing in the LeMons series.

At the time, my team had a '96 Miata that we couldn't seem to keep an engine in. 3 races, 3 engines.

The last race the Miata participated in was a full 24 hour race at ECR in Decatur, TX. I had acquired a free Si shell from a friend and through a couple of Miracle we had a two car effort at the team's first full 24 race.

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The first race was a time crunch. Trying to get a new car built and an old car up to snuff for a full day and night of racing was a task that I tried to take on mostly myself and only asked for one of the drivers to install the cage in the Tape-R.

Time ran out and after the car missed most of Friday practice, we got the car through tech but left the dash and instrument cluster at the shop 4 hours away.

Ran the whole 24 hour race with no gauges and never overheated (that we know of) nor ran out of gas running 2 hour driver stints.

The Tape-R finished in the top 15.
Next race, the car was prepped well beyond where it was at its debut.

Gauges were installed and the wiring was simplified >

...and we did a pretty good job on the theme >

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The second race was a split 14 hour, so we had Saturday night to work on the car and being as it ran so well we decided to have some fun with our theme.

Saturday night after the day of racing >

Sunday morning >

The CEO of Wonder Bread laid off all the drivers and sold the car to Walmart. :)

We picketed >

...and walked away with some hardware - Judges' Choice
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^Love the theme! Keep up the good work!
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Hell of a platform to work with! Loving the tape!!!!
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Oh yeah, I forgot to talk specs

It has a D16Y7 with a Si D-series cable trans. Weighs in at 1997lbs with a full tank of gas and no driver.

It's decently quick for a stock engined car. We still get our doors blown off by the bigger engined cars...but that will change over the winter. ;)

Currently running on some cut OE (not to this car) springs and OE (not to this car) shocks.

We've tried some aero work, but I don't have any good pics of it hosted so I'll try to get those later.
Booo. No civic deserves leMons!!

You should be able to beat those bigger engines cars.
I love this

Sent from Free App
Booo. No civic deserves leMons!!

You should be able to beat those bigger engines cars.
I have a clean B16B swapped CRX and am currently building an A6 for boost in my RT4WD Wagon.

All '91 model years. ;)

We do beat the bigger engine cars, just can't do it on the straightaways. ;)
Our last race was in May at ECR again, below is one of our driver's accounts of the weekend >

JimR said:
The Team OK-Speed "Dream Team" came to ball at North Dallas Hooptie 2013.

We donned our windsuits and cranked the jam box in homage to Patrick Ewing's flat-top and early '90s streetball masterpieces such as White Men Can't Jump, and Arch Rivals for your Nintendo Entertainment system. The Tape-R took the form of the freshest hi-tops available in the era of Bird v. Jordan ("and...nothin' but net").

Unfortunately, the car had more hang time than a dunk contest.

My arrival was slowed by sideways-blowing heavy snow - ah, Arkansas in May - and I arrived just in time to discover that the engine did a Scottie Poppin minutes into the Friday shakedown session.

Crack wrenching got the backup engine running in four or five hours, but it came off the bench consuming oil. We had to pit hourly all weekend long to top off the oil. The pressure plate also started going out, forcing us to run the Saturday session in fourth gear and make an overnight clutch change. The brake rotors warped into the shape of Pringles, rounding out the hooptified experience.

Still, we kept turning laps, raced cleanly, and most importantly, didn't have a cow, man. The car took the checkered flag in strong form, finishing well into the teens on the overall charts. Had a blast. Congrats to everyone who took home the hardware.

We even made the C&D page > North Dallas Hooptie 24 Hours of LeMons Inspections: Aliens, Toxic Waste, and a 210ZX | Car and Driver Blog

Unfortunately it was because our fresh engine blew after 5 laps. Remember Kids: When putting a D-series back together you should always make sure the oil restrictor between the block and head is there!
We got game, BOOOYYYYY!

nothin' screams baller like a denim hat and a big gold chain

quick game of horse to get the blood flowing

Team OK-Speed, playing with their balls. LowFlyin has the fastest shoe at the track

Trick Dunk contest while waiting their turn

White Men Can't Jump...but they can do cartwheel dunks if you give them a couple attempts

Iloveofframps is the hardest white boy in the hood
JimR is the whitest kid you know
TMoney is stepping up solid for a nemb
and LowFlyin is always willing for you to come at him bro

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A little one-on-one before meeting the judges

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JimR delivering the bribes to Judge Phil

Bribery is encouraged

Bribery gets you stenciled

LowFlyin telling Judge Phil just how crappy this car is

Judge Phil, trying to decide just how cheaty this car really is

Class A, no laps (three races in this car, the judges have never popped the hood during tech)

Team pic after BS Tech:

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That's awesome stuff mane. Keep up the good werk.

I can't help myself, I'll take a shot of Mac n cheese on the rocks in a martini glass with two straws please!!
Booo. No civic deserves leMons!!

You should be able to beat those bigger engines cars.
Actually Slowfylin and the guys have turned it into a halfway decent race car that I'm sure will be seeing more than just Lemons in the future.
I wanted to build a car for this but just havent got around to it.
Why build when you can come race with us. :)
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