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I wrote a Long reply back in December, I'm not sure if I forgot to hit the submit button (I was very tired when I wrote it). Hopefully I'll get it right this time.

I welded up my exhaust in early august. It sounds so much better than before, and I can hear my stereo again. I really like the thrush turbo muffler with the resonator that I got with my exhaust. My one gripe: the Ebay header I bought (DNA Motoring) hangs just a bit lower than I'd prefer, and scrapes on tallish speed bumps. Currently I am running with a cat delete, Once I get the new motor in I'll install the cat I have already bought.

I found a donor car: '98 LX Sedan (D16Y7, Auto Transmission).
They sold it to me for less than scrap. :clap: It was running and driving, seller was selling it because it was rusty and the rear brakes were having an "issue".

I bought a Y8 manifold for the D16.

I had a harness built to adapt d16 obd-2a to EF body, add mpfi and upgrade Obd-0 to Obd-1 (P06).

I've been keeping an eye on a Civic Wagon on youtube. Its called the war wagon :tank: , check it out on the honda rescue garage channel.
The guy makes lift kits and sells them. Over Christmas he had a pretty decent sale and I bought some 1" spacers for the front and some 1 1/2" spacers for the back.
Along with those, I plan to use the EK struts from my donor car. And I am going to flip the rear lower control arms to achieve lift. My plan is to have some ridiculous rake. I will post some pictures of the spacers soon.

I bought a set of truhart rear upper control arms that are adjustable.

I am still doing my research into the front upper control arms for camber adjustment (any advice will be appreciated).
I've decide I will only use the 1" spacer on the front and hold off on the struts. from what I've read 1" lift shouldn't create a camber issue.

I need to crawl underneath the read end and decide if I need to replace the bushings while I am in the neighborhood.

When I do the lift I plan to write it up in a dedicated post.

I've been stripping the donor car of all its goodies and have been selling them on ebay. With the proceeds I just bought my P06.

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My d-16 is about 1/3 done. All I have is the block work left to do.


I put a brace between the rear strut towers.


Needed a head gasket at 240k in my d15


And Stage 1 of my Lift!! 1.5" spacers in the back 1" in the front


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