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90 & 91 D15B2

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I have 2 D15B2's one in a CRX and another in an EF hatch. Can anyone list what i need for the mpfi swap? As much info as possible including part numbers would be appreciated. Looking to upgrade and have heard this is about the best thing for a d-series. If there is a head swap i could do to get mpfi also, i would be interested in that. I live in an area where there are no parts cars in any junkyard i have looked, not a single honda, i dont know why. any D series upgrades would be much appreciated. (intake, fuel, head, throttle body, headers, etc.)
I will probably ask a bunch of stupid questions.
Thanks in advance.
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My issue is everything seems mixed and matched or its always with a slight variation. Everytime I look it up and find like a good thread or video it ends up being like a d16a6 intake or something.
So could I just get like a skunk2 style aftermarket intake and throttle body for a 95 civic 1.5 and go from there?

I have to buy everything online or find it online. I don't currently have anywhere I can go to take stuff off of a car or pick it out. I am also new to Hondas as my main car has always been a 79 camaro, so this world is new to me and fairly limited comparatively; atleast from what i have seen. I am being pushed toward like Ebay and i am used to borderline unlimited options on summit. So I am adjusting.
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