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90 & 91 D15B2

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I have 2 D15B2's one in a CRX and another in an EF hatch. Can anyone list what i need for the mpfi swap? As much info as possible including part numbers would be appreciated. Looking to upgrade and have heard this is about the best thing for a d-series. If there is a head swap i could do to get mpfi also, i would be interested in that. I live in an area where there are no parts cars in any junkyard i have looked, not a single honda, i dont know why. any D series upgrades would be much appreciated. (intake, fuel, head, throttle body, headers, etc.)
I will probably ask a bunch of stupid questions.
Thanks in advance.
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With obd0 availability being what it is your best bet is an obd1 swap with d15b7 parts from 92-95 civics, its been done a million times, long block wise the b2 and b7 are identical, the only difference is the dpfi obd0 vs mpfi obd1 injection setups. Research that and see if it's something you could be comfortable doing.
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