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89 Wagovan resto mod

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It's been a while since I have been active on DSO, mainly because I moved to Hawaii as the worship pastor of a church. However that doesn't mean that I have given up on the world of Honda's, building heads, etc. I mean, I built a 91 wagon and shipped it to O'ahu so that I could enjoy my ride on island. Sad that I had to leave her there when we moved back, so I decided to build another wagon.

WARNING: many pics to come.

So I got an 89 wagovan that was an auto, fwd, 1.5 car. No title, but clean exterior and no rust. I set it back, knowing that I would need the parts for a later build. Here's the parts car:

no title, somewhat sucky interior, bad motor, good parts car.

Then I found a rusty, running car, that had a clear title. Guy was asking $1200 for it, until I found all of the rust in the rocker panels. It ran well, didn't smoke, still had the Wagovan trans (4.05 final drive), and a bone stock d15b2. I offered substantially less than that for the car and he sold it. Trailered it home and began taking it apart for resto.

Initial pics:

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Just saw your post on the 'post your zc powered honda' thread.

Love me some wagon builds, and look forward to some fresh pics. Looks like it's come a long way already.
That wierd drifting issue your feeling also sounds like a symptom of worn out RTA bushes. I'd replace those if you haven't already.
So I've got to throw this out there. After a recent foray into trying to sell something on Facebook Marketplace, I was inundated with the same stinkin response over an over again. I've got a mostly complete (just taken apart) B16a for sale on there and I keep getting offered trades. The most common one is an XBOX. I even put on the listing: I am a grown man, I do not want your XBOX. I've since been offered BMX bikes, a guitar amplifier (which was intriguing except the guy offered a junk amp), and other a-sundry doodads that are mostly worthless. Why do we do this? I'm not asking a huge price for the stuff, put on the listing I'd just like to sell it, yet the lowballers and idiots keep it going with the XBOX offers.

I miss the old days when we all knew if you made a ridiculous offer the other guy was going to tell you to F off because you were an idiot. It would seem idiocy is becoming the norm.

Also, I don't understand all of the trading of wheels on FB marketplace either. People saying: brand new wheels for trade only. I'm thinking they must be stolen. Why would you want to trade off wheels that you just spend full price on?


End Rant.
I just sold a bunch of furniture on there because i was moving house. I listed the bits and literally seconds later i would get "Is this available". I'd reply with "yes" and then never hear from them again. Out of the 20 odd replies i got, 18 of them were "is this available" followed by them smoke bombing. Second thing i tried to sell i put in the ad "If you're reading this ad, yes it's available". Didn't stop them.

Morons are the new norm.
mazda soul crystal red is pretty fucking sexy imo.
Best factory colour out there at the moment IMO
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Thanks! It has been a work in progress for a long time, and will remain that way as I continue working on it.

I think the next project will be pulling the headliner down and covering it, and then reinforcing the internal roof supports, as they aren't very supportive any more. Anyone else with an EF or Wagon specifically that has a roof that makes lots of noises? Working on ideas to fix that. Right now I'm pondering on spray in foam to spray between the internal structural bows and the roof itself. Thoughts or ideas?
If the body sealant that's used to stick the outer skin to the supports separates, it'll start 'tin canning'. Just use a hard setting body sealer and squirt it between the supports and the skin, it'll set and it should be sweet.

Took forever lol, and I don't have the side skirts back on yet, but here we go. View attachment 138886 View attachment 138887 View attachment 138888

She's still a 20 footer, but now she's a shiny 20 footer. I have a few adjustments to make, but all in all, I'm happy with it. Now thinking about tinting the windows. Thoughts? To tint or not to tint?
Paint looks great mate! I think it looks great without tint. I'm thinking about the same with my wagon atm, but the sun is so intense here that i need to get them tinted or my interior will turn to dust.
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Yep that'll do it

I was thinking of using something like this:

I have some other uses for the spray in foam and thought I might get away with some of it to take up the gaps in the roof support area. Also, wanted to get it in the B and C pillar areas to stiffen it up, but more to deaden some sound in the car. Wagons are notoriously loud echo holes.
I wouldn't use that stuff, it'll be messy AF. And if you ever need to access the panel for rust/collision repair it'll just be a nightmare. Or if you have any water ingress at the moment, that foam will make it pool instead of drain and you'll get rust forming. I remember they used to use it in the roof pillars on old (mid 90's) Galants with the sashless doors as a stiffener, but the benefits were pretty small (ive got an old tech doc if you're interested, i could check the difference it made if you're interested). You'll also need careful prep on the panel so it bonds correctly (the strength is in the bond).

I'd go sound matting to kill the sound over that stuff. Make sure you've got all the factory foam and protective films (do your doors still have the plastic film behind the trims? Still got the thick firewall rubber backed insulation panel?) Running carpet mats? Remove and wash your door seals in soapy water, dirt buildup prevents good contact between glass/rubber and creates wind noise. I've done acoustic testing and insulation specs for architectural products and if the insulation isn't in the right spot, it'll do nothing. Best way to know its in the right spot without the equipment to measure would be to make sure all the bits from factory are still there, because they'll have done lots of testing.
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Those clips are the absolute worst, sounds like you had a particularly tough time with them though, jesus.

More pics of it wouldn't go astray :love:
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Is something up with your caster setup? Are you running the factory radius rods? If they're aftermarket, were they ever aligned? They're usually the culprit for 'squirelly under power or brakes' feeling.
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I'm not professing to be the master haha, replied to your PM tho how i set mine.
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I bought this in 2016, been running it since without issues:

Rectangle Material property Font Parallel Number

attached to the end of an AEM fuel rail:

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive air manifold Car Automotive exterior
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ooft that trans filler pump. I usually use a piece of hose and a funnel. Cover looks good.
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We are making these now. This is the first one to come out the mold. Number two is on top of the engine.
Nice, they're coming out good!

I'm not really sure on the history of the one i picked up, but i believe they were a limited run. Can't even remember where i got it from to be honest, ive had it for years.
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