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I just purchased a 87 rex yesterday. There is not a spot of rust on the entire car. A retired couple has owned it since 0 miles. There is 190xxx on body and motor was rebuilt 25xxx miles ago. I am swap to a d16a1 browntop from a 88 to 89 integra, and eventually turbo it. I have read that this swap is much easier then a b series swap and less costly. It be perfect for what i need. Those of you who have done this what are some pointers, and some insight. Ive read almost all of the build threads on here about this and they all seem to fizzle out or never talk about a finished product. So anyone who has done it if you could let me know some keys parts and stuff like that. I will post pics of the whole build and keep you guys updated.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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