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Hi All,
Didn't see this here and had to look it up elsewhere, figured I would share:

12v Constant (Battery)= White with either Blue or Yellow Stripe

12v Switched (Ignition) = Yellow with Red Stripe

Ground = Black

Left Front + = Blue with Green Stripe
Left Front - = Gray with Black Stripe

Right Front + = Red with Green Stripe
Right Front - = Brown with Black Stripe

Left Rear + = Blue with Yellow Stripe
Left Rear - = Gray with White Stripe

Right Rear + = Red with Yellow Stripe
Right Rear - = Brown with White Stripe

Found this here

If something is known to be incorrect or misleading, post up and I will edit this post. The pdf says to use the same wire from one of the speakers for the "power antenna", I don't suspect many of us have factory power antennae on our cars though lol, I just ignored it.
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