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How do you thing the stock rods for a D16Z6 will cope with the increased mass size of a 76mm P29? I am intending to get those Nippon Racing ones.

And if I want to get the ARP rod bolts which one should I be getting for the D? This is wat is listed on Tunerschoice. Do I get the 8mms Honda ones?

DSM 4G63 - 6 Bolt, pre-'94, 9mm, Rod Bolt Set

DSM 4G63 - 7 Bolt, '94-Present, 8mm, Rod Bolt Set

Honda Rod Bolt Set - 8mm, B18A/B LS Rod Bolt Set

Honda Rod Bolt Set - 9mm, B18C GSR Rod Bolt Set
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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