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650 Iron Man build

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Finally took the plunge to build a quadcopter (so leave the drone BS out of this thread please. Its a quad not a "drone")

This is a build I started last night and will hopefully be finished by saturday.

Its a Tarot 650 Iron Man frame.

THis is right after installing the arms, and the legs

After mounting the 2 arms for camera mount/gimbel, and added the feet

Loosely installed the motor plates. Orange is going to be the front

Thats what I got done last night. Took about a hour to do it and with the lack of instruction it was overall pretty straight forward.

Tonight I hope to level up my mounting plates, mount my motors, install my ESCs, Flight controller, GPS, OSD, VTX, and camera
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awesome! subscribed.

i wanna see it built!
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