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650 Iron Man build

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Finally took the plunge to build a quadcopter (so leave the drone BS out of this thread please. Its a quad not a "drone")

This is a build I started last night and will hopefully be finished by saturday.

Its a Tarot 650 Iron Man frame.

THis is right after installing the arms, and the legs

After mounting the 2 arms for camera mount/gimbel, and added the feet

Loosely installed the motor plates. Orange is going to be the front

Thats what I got done last night. Took about a hour to do it and with the lack of instruction it was overall pretty straight forward.

Tonight I hope to level up my mounting plates, mount my motors, install my ESCs, Flight controller, GPS, OSD, VTX, and camera
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These are cool, my coworker has built one and a tri copter, has me thinking. The quads are stable, but the tri copter is hella fast and maneuverable at speed.

Looks cool in for moar.
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Cool updates, coming along nice.
Is it all signal strength or does it get harder to control further out too?
Dang having it out of view and relying on camera is cool shyt. Would rep if I could. Keep it up man this is a cool toy/gadget/learning tool.
Ah shyt, airplane time. You are making this into a cool little project, mos would just fly them and be done, you are making it look hella fun.
Nice sweat shirt yo, looks like a fun little plane. Is that how it lands every time or just because of snow?
Looked stable, I tired to find you while it was flying but it got pretty far from you. Nice vid man.
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