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i have a 97 hx with an d16y7/y8 head swap in it, its still has the p2n(vtec-e) ecu, and i am planning on switching it out for the p2p(vtec) ecu but i need help with some info on converting the 5 wire to a new 4 wire o2 sensor.

i dont have the 4 wire sensor yet but im going base of the typical one which is

here is the layout for the female end of the harness going to the male end of the o2 sensor that i currently have in.

()()()()___\ (red)(black) (white)(empty)
()()()()...../ (white)(green/black)(black)(white/black)
how do i convert the green white black black to this harness. and do i need to convert the harness on the ecu side for when i have the p2n switched out with the p2p ecu

one of these pics has the layout for the old 5 wire o2 sensor just thought id throw that in. just in case it may help. that layout goes
dont know how much more info i can give thank you for any help u can give is apprieciated!
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