Located in Ontario, Canada - No shipping unless you REALLY want them that bad. You pay for shipping. These have never been driven on, only mounted for test fitment.
I bought these with the intent to use them for racing but things have come up and I, unfortunately, need to sell them. The wheels were purchased from Teknotik straight from Buddy Club Japan. They come with wheel covers, decals, and valve stems (used rubber stems instead, the ones from buddy club are included).

Wheels: Buddy Club SF P1 - 4x100 Bolt Pattern - 15x8 + 32mm offset
Tires: 205/50/15 Falkzen Azenis RT660

I will throw in aluminum hub rings that fit a 6th gen Civic. Please do your own research, it depends on your setup whether these will fit without rubbing or not.

Located in Ontario, Canada (Georgina) but I frequent Barrie, Aurora and Stouffville areas.

$1,800 - Lug nuts not included.